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-- The 12th Edinboro Sports Memorabilia Auction proved to be another huge success, with Edinboro student-athletes benefiting in the future.

The night featured guest signer Cam Heyward of the Pittsburgh Steelers, joined by former Pittsburgh Penguin Mike Rupp, voice of the Steelers and Pitt Panthers Bill Hillgrove, Edinboro paralympian Trevon Jenifer, and nationally-renowned sports artist Kevin-John Jobczynski.

After college Charles was a copy assistant at WGN-TV, news writer for United Press International, associate editor for, "down beat," (jazz) magazine, wrote fiction about life on the street and news features for the free weekly "Chicago Reader," and for technical publications in the subjects of Chicago theater, aeronautics and architecture history, high-rise period building renovation, the lives of rodeo stars, dressage, fencing, symphony music, toxic waste, and labor relations.

Charles trained in acting in the various methods (Stanislavski, Meisner) at the now long-gone Actor's Center under Kyle Donnelly and Karen Fort, studied character acting at Ne Xt Theater Co.

The puppies learn to love, trust, and bond with humans through all of the positive interactions they have with legions of Warriors and volunteers.

This is where they learn how to learn, and then progress to basic commands starting at about four weeks of age.

Catie Riggs is a published playwright who has worked professionally as an Actor, Director, Producer and Voice Over Artist in New York City and regionally.

BOC was produced at the NBC affiliate at Notre Dame University, WNDU-TV.

Charles played Nugget in, "Equus," at Indiana University theater, and at the Firehouse Theater he played Tom in, "That Championship Season," both in South Bend, Indiana.

Because Labradors were bred as working dogs, puppies must be trained to be obedient so as to avoid bad behavior.

Their working roots also mean that they require lots of physical exercise to keep them calm Puppy Info Puppies on the puppy cam generally weigh about two pounds for every week of age.The New York Times once credited him with the perfect performance of a perfect scene.

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