Dating disasters and how to avoid them

22-Dec-2017 03:07

Same can be said for going to a movie where you’ll just have to sit in silence for two hours… The focus of the first date is all about getting to know someone and that’s simply not possible if you don’t get the chance to converse.

Spending Too Much Money People can be tempted to spend a lot of money on a first date because they think it will impress.

Here we've hand-picked 10 i Phone apps that will help you navigate the dating minefield and avoid potential disasters.

From asking that special someone out, to knowing what fork to use, to how to make a hasty escape if things don't quite go according to plan, these apps should be part of every dater's arsenal.

Even if you did know each other before, chances are your nerves are making you more than a little tongue-tied. Mike Lindstrom, relationship expert of Ask Dan & Mike and author of , says that silences are natural.

“These often come from nervousness, one person not truly listening to the other, or [from] a lack of connection on the subject matter,” he says.

Make Questions Your Friend The quickest way to get to know a man on a first date is to throw plenty of questions out there. And don't make the first question, "Are you the marrying kind?

There are tons of apps offering pickup lines on the App Store, with some even specializing in pirate, ninja, vampire or robot-themed conversation starters.

But we like the "Awesome" offering as it serves up hundreds of tried and tested lines added by users — you know, You've aced the ask, but now need an amazing date idea to really make that crucial first impression.

For those of you who stopped relying so much on fate and chance encounters, you’ve probably already turned to online dating. Sure online dating has its highlights, you can narrow the pool of potential matches without having to leave the house.

If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about doing it too.To get to the dating stage you've got to meet someone first.