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Women who train in martial arts confound a lot of people.Many don’t understand why a woman would choose such an aggressive sport, so we end up having to deal with ridiculous questions and assumptions all the time.When Rina is bullied by Bo, Robbie has had enough and decides to do something once and for all.An open casting call in Cocoa Beach inspired director and co-writer Michael Baumgarten to write the Masters Spring Workout scene.When I started training I was single and I have never dated anyone at any of my martial arts gyms.Not every women in a martial arts class is there because of a man. I’m sure that you, someone who has never trained anything, could totally level me, even though I train multiple martial arts, and the only conceivable reason that you’re not is because you’re too honorable to hit a girl. Usually said by the bro at Buffalo Wild Wings wearing a Tapout shirt. A lot of people have asked me why I don’t choose a ‘safer’ sport that is more ‘appropriate for women’. Then I ask them why Zumba is more appropriate for women than martial arts.DATES Stripe tests are held on the last day of class in each semester.

I guess if I have to take a side, I’d say that dating in the dojo is a bad idea.

As Robbie's attitude and fore manner truly changes, he still has Bo to contend with, especially after Rina decides to date Robbie.