Who is spinelli dating on gh

13-Aug-2017 04:26

Blake Berris played the role of Spinelli last time while Bradford Anderson was busy on “Homeland.” Now, it turns out that Bradford Anderson is coming back to “General Hospital.” He hasn’t shared just yet why he will be back, though.

Aside from the major casting news that has been announced over the last six weeks, something new was revealed earlier today. He confirmed he was filming again as fan favorite Spinelli.

It was invigorated by the beloved (but controversial) pairing of Laura Webber Baldwin and Luke Spencer, a romance infamously spawned after Luke raped Laura at the Campus Disco in 1979.

The rape was retconned as a "seduction" (only to later be acknowledged as rape) and the pair became the original soap opera Super Couple. Storylines delved into international intrigue, involving Soviet spies, Aztec treasure, and megalomaniac Mikkos Cassadine (played by John Colicos,) who attempted to freeze Port Charles and take over the world.

The last time Spinelli was back on “General Hospital” it wasn’t Bradford Anderson playing the part.

The fans were not happy with how this went down, but it was just the way it had to be.The past decade has been dominated by mobsters Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan.