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23-Dec-2017 08:59

It was created by Eric Murrell, communications manager at Long Hollow Baptist Church, co-founder of Media BLEEP, creator of The Prayer Engine and part of the Creative Missions vision team.

It is a robust Word Press plugin that helps you organize and share sermons, lectures, audio, and other media content on your site and across the web.

Even we don’t necessarily create services for our Angular JS apps, Angular offers several useful services to us, the one we use all over this project is service.

You can find a complete built-in services list here.

As with writing, there are really no rules about what an author’s website must include. Let’s take a quick look the site of John Locke, the first self-published Kindle author to sell over a million ebooks.

Yet again, as with writing, there are generally a few different common elements that should probably be included if you want to see success. (Note: The site is named after his main protagonist.) I pick Locke’s site because he is someone who’s had to learn how to market himself as an author, and he did it all himself. You’ll notice that nearly the top half of the page is taken up with an ad for one of his books.

Besides “organizing and share code across the app”, the most powerful part is that we can share data between controllers via services.

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I also encourage you to check out my series on building Word Press themes with Angular JS and WP REST API, I spent a lot of time on writing and improving the content.Its relative ease of use and its flexible nature make it easy to bend to your wishes.